Five Unique Adidas Ace 16 Prototype Boots Leaked

Even though Adidas already released and will release various different paint jobs and special editions of the Adidas Ace 16.1, there are nevertheless various interesting other Ace colorways and prototypes that will never see the light (The next-generation Adidas Ace 2017 football boots will be revealed in around three months.).

Adidas Ace 16.1 Prototype Boots

This is one of the Adidas Ace prototypes that will be never released.

Boasting unique looks, the leaked Adidas Ace 2016 Prototype soccer boots range from very classic to utterly striking.

Four of the five boots just feature never-seen-before color combinations, while the black Adidas Ace 2016 Prototype (pictured below) comes with a unique graphic design on the outsole.

Would you have liked to get one of these boots? Let us know in the comments below and check out more leaked prototypes in our Boot Calendar.
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