Plain and 'Old' | Mexico 2016 Olympics Kit Revealed

The Mexican national team debuted a quite different kit at the Olympics in Brazil against Mexico today than those known due to IOC's strict kit regulations and the fact that the national team does not represent the Mexican FA but the country.

There are two further interesting details about Mexico's kits for the 2016 Olympics. First, even though Adidas released a new green Mexico home kit for the 2016 Copa America, the national team will wear their old black and white kits due to better contrast to align with IOC's uniform regulations. Second, while Mexico used Atletica shirts in their 2012 Olympics win even though the FMF was back then already supplied by Adidas, the Mexican Olympic Committee and Adidas this time arranged an agreement that the football team will wear shirts from the German brand (Similar to France's Lacoste case, Mexican players wear Joma gear during all other occasions than matches as Joma is Mexico's Olympics supplier this time).

Mexico 2016 Olympics Kits

This is Mexico's national team away jersey for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Boasting the same design as Mexico's Copa America 2015 away kit, the new Mexico 2016 Olympic away shirt comes without Adidas stripes and features the Mexican flag instead of the crest of the federation.

The Adidas Mexico 2016 Olympics home jersey will be also the same as the regular home shirt, just without the Mexican FA crest and the Adidas stripes on the shoulders. It boasts a stunning design in black, white, green and red.

Not available to buy, the new Mexico 2016 Olympics kits will be worn by the men's and women's team during the Olympic soccer tournament only.

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