PSG 16-17 Third Kit Released

Nike and Paris Saint-Germain just officially released the club's new third shirt. Similar to last season, the PSG 2016-2017 third kit is not based on Nike's 'global' template and instead follows a different and unique approach that draws inspiration from the city of Paris.

PSG 16-17 Third Kit

This is the Paris Saint-Germain 2016-17 third shirt.

While last season's third kit was almost entirely black, the new Paris Saint-Germain 2016-2017 third jersey could barely be more different. A nod to Paris' reputation as the City of Light, the PSG 16-17 third kit is predominantly white, while the Nike Swoosh and the PSG crest on the Paris Saint-Germain 16-17 third jersey boast an iridescent finish, possibly a first on a football shirt.

Additionally, the Paris Saint-Germain 2016-17 third kit features a black stripe on each side and around the rear of the neckline. Further details include a “Paris” tag knit into the back collar, while “Grandeur” and “Passion” adorn the inside right and left cuffs of the new PSG third shirt, respectively.

The shorts and socks of the PSG 2016-17 third kit continue the scheme. They are white with black accents and iridescent logos.

The Paris Saint-Germain 2016-2017 third jersey was officially released on September 15th, 2016, and will go on sale on September 22nd.

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