Top 10 - Worst 16-17 Kits

Following on our controversial - to say the least - best of, we want to show you the other side of the spectrum: the worst 10 (major) kits released for the recently started 2016-17 season.

Disclaimer: Instead of including certain niche shirts whose prime aim was to create social media buzz, we tried to limit our selection on kits we'll actually have to endure throughout the season.

10 | Hull City Home

Not a bad design initially, it's more than let down by that collar.

9 | Borussia Mönchengladbach Away

A typical Kappa Mönchengladbach kit, the brand and club seem desperate to create edgy designs that fail to deliver almost every time, even if it's just for the horrific sponsor.

8 | Middlesbrough Home

Out of the surprisingly good Adidas miteam templates, how this abomination was chosen is beyond us. The neat away kit makes up for it, though.

7 | Liverpool Third

The new Liverpool Third kit's 'Toxic' color is enough to warrant it a top ranking on this season's 'worst of' lists.

6 | Real Madrid Third

Although the inspiration is interesting, the sleeve graphic that resulted from it looks just odd. And the colors are dull to top it off.

5 | Espanyol Away

None of Espanyol's three new kits are good, but the away definitely takes the cake.

4 | Milan Third

Horrible colors and a gross sleeve design are key features of this kit.

3 | Chelsea Away

Adidas' 'fashion-inspired' (read: hoops / grey color / pajama fabric, or all three as in this case) football shirts are an overplayed theme and the brand should stop doing them, the sooner the better.

2 | Bordeaux Third

Not the first time Puma tried applying real-life photographs to its kits, but definitely the worst yet.

1 | Freiburg Home

A bad design in more than one way, Hummel somehow managed to create a shirt that can be seen as a downgrade even compared to its Nike teamwear predecessors.

Share your thoughts on our selection of the worst 16-17 kits below. Don't hesitate to share your 'worst of' picks as well.