Why Balotelli Did Not Receive 'His' Shirt Number 45 In Nice

Update: Former Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli today made his first match for Nice against Olympique Marseille wearing the shirt with number 9 after he previously wore shirts with number 45, at least in club football.

Balotelli Debuts Number 9 Nice Kit

Balotelli's kit ahead of the match.

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has joined French Ligue 1 club OGC Nice on the last day of the transfer window. However, while is it known which number Balotelli will receive, it's already certain that he will lose his signature shirt number 45 (via footpack.fr).

Ligue 1 Shirt Regulations Forbid Numbers Above 40

Mario Balotelli x OGC Nice Kits - the shirt number 9 is not assigned to a Nice player yet.

Mario Balotelli will not be allowed to wear a shirt with number 45 because of LFP's rule number 670.

"Every Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 club must establish the number assignment list on Isyfoot 72 hours before the start of the competition. This list can not exceed 30 names, the number 30 is the last in the list may be supplemented and updated with every movement in the club. If a club justifies employ over 30 professional players under contract, the board may grant an exception to the preceding paragraph. Whimsical dials are prohibited (example: 45 - 82).

The numbers 1, 16 and 30 are exclusively and necessarily reserved for goalkeepers. Ultimately, the number 40 can be assigned. All teams must have a jersey with number 33 that is not assigned to a player and reserved for breaking replacements. A directory is established early in the season and available to referees and delegates by the LFP."

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