Adidas Will Discontinue Two Adidas Ace Versions - Classy Last-Ever Traditional Synthetic Adidas Ace Boot Released

Update: The last-ever regular Adidas Ace 16 colorway has been released, and with it the last low-cut synthetic model of the silo.

Adidas will stop producing the 'tradtional' synthetic low-cut version of the Adidas Ace cleat with the launch of the new Adidas Ace 17 collection from December 2016, while there also won't be a low-cut leather version anymore.

Adidas to Release Five Top-Tier Versions of the Adidas Ace From 2017?

This was the launch paint job of the Adidas Ace 16 boot - the last-ever Ace generation with a 'traditional' synthetic version.

However, whereas Adidas will stop releasing a synthetic version of the Ace, there still will be at least three different versions available of the control boot from 2017, which also includes one new offering apart from the laceless knitted version (Adidas Ace 17 Master Control / PureControl) and the knitted version with laces.

The 'standard Adidas Ace 16.1 football boots are made for ultimate control featuring a synthetic upper with a honeycomb-like upper structure. However, whereas the first paint job of the Adidas Ace 16.1 boot was anything but classy, the synthetic version of the Adidas Ace football boots will leave the pitch in style as the last-ever Adidas Ace boots paint job introduces a classy white and golden color scheme as part of the Stellar Pack.

Last-Ever Synthetic Adidas Ace Boot - Adidas Ace 16.1 Stellar Pack

This is the last-ever synthetic low-cut Adidas Ace football boot.

Part of the Stellar Pack, the last-ever Adidas Ace 16.1 football boot features a stunning design in white, black and golden.

The last Adidas Ace 16 boot retails at a price of 200 Euro (200 USD, 160 GBP) and will be available from September 2016 at selected retailers.

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