Adidas Unveils First Speedfactory-Produced Shoe

After unveiling its new 'Speedfactory' concept earlier this year, Adidas today unveiled the first sneaker to utilize the new technology. Dubbed the Adidas Futurecraft MFG (Made for Germany), the understated shoe is to be created at the brand's Speedfactory in Ansbach, Germany.

Adidas Futurecraft MFG

This is the first Speedfactory-produced Adidas sneaker, the Adidas Futurecraft MFG.

Design-wise, the new Adidas Futurecraft MFG borrows the popular Boost sole from the Adidas Ultra Boost, while the shape and design of the upper also takes cues from the already iconic runner. An interesting taping layout at the back of the shoe connects the lace holes with the sole and heel.

Adidas says that it sees the Futurecraft MFG as an initial test and it's highly likely that more and more products will adapt the Speedfactory production process. Considering the importance Adidas gives to football, it can be assumed that a football boot produced this way could follow sooner than thought.

No details in regards to when the Futurecraft MFG will go on sale have been disclosed, but the accompanying imagery shows a '1/500' mark on the shoe, confirming that the initial batch will be limited to 500 pairs.

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