Limited-Edition New Balance Furon Apex Boots Released

In addition to the 'Galaxy' Visaro boots, New Balance tpday launched the new, limited-edition NB Furon 'Apex' football boots.

Limited-Edition New Balance Furon Apex - White / Impulse

This is the limited-edition New Balance Furon Apex soccer boot.

The New Balance Furon Apex football boots combine a white base with striking orange detailing, present in the form of the upper part of the shoe, all logos and the front part of the sole plate. Additionally, the limited-edition New Balance Furon Apex cleats feature an interesting graphic that fades towards grey at the rear, creating a unique, eye-catching, but still quite traditional look.

New Balance Furon Apex - Features

  • Aggressive TPU 'Acceleration Zone'
  • Engineered mesh vamp with integrated TPU
  • Lightweight nylon outsole
  • Low-lying sprint-spike-inspired collar

A limited-edition release, the new 'Apex' New Balance Furon boots are available from Monday, September 12, at a price point of $220. That's a $20 increase compared to regular colorways of the New Balance Furon.

What are your thoughts on the New Balance Furon Apex? Drop us a line below.
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