Spain's Blind 5-a-side Football Team Take On Messi, Busquets, Rakitic and Co

Have you ever seen Messi playing football blindfolded? FCB Foundation, UNICEF and the International Paralympic Committee have created a video that stresses the importance of inclusive sport featuring Messi, Busquets, Rakitic, Sergi Roberto and Masip who are playing against Spain's blind 5-a-side football team.

FC Barcelona Foundation Supports Inclusive Sport

What happens in the video? Spanish 5-a-side Paralympic players Pedro Gutiérrez, Jose Luis Giera, Javier Álvaro, Francisco Javier Pérez, Marcelo Rosado and Sergio Cano show Jordi Masip, Sergi Roberto, Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic and Leo Messi the basics, while they then compete blindfold against members of the Spanish national 5-a-side blind football team in a penalty shootout.

However, as well being a lot of fun, there was logically also a serious side. The video was made by the FC Barcelona Foundation, UNICEF and the International Paralympic Committee on occasion of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which opened on Wednesday. It symbolises the essence of inclusive sport by showing how implicated the first team players are in the work being done by the Foundation, with their shared conviction that all children have the right to play, and that their abilities should not matter.

As Philip Craven, president of the International Paralympic Committee, comments: "This video shows the skills and abilities of visually handicapped footballers. The response from Messi, Busquets, Masip, Rakitic and Sergi Roberto shows that they consider play without eyesight to be a challenge. And it shows how amazing these 5-a-side players are, who are able to face a penalty without one of the most important senses."

Anthony Lake, executive director of UNICEF, adds that "the Paralympic Games show that it’s ability, and not disability, that determines what somebody can achieve. This video shows that children should not face any limitations when it comes to aspiring to achievements in sport, at school or in life. UNICEF feels proud to be able to work with its beloved Barça to offer so many boys and girls the chance to play, learn and make the very most of their abilities, and therefore their lives."
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