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New Video Showcases All Boots Included in FIFA 17

Update #2: YouTube channel Xboxmedien has uploaded a new video, this time showing all boots included in FIFA 17. Check it out right below and read the original post under it.

Update: The first ingame look at the new EA Sports x Nike Mercurial Superfly V has been revealed via @DailyRender.

Following the release of the FIFA 17 demo, YouTuber Pedro Diaz has captured a video to show off the game's new football boots.

FIFA 17 Boots

Including the FIFA counterparts of all the recent big launches from the likes of Adidas, Nike, Puma and the likes, the video allows for a look that's much closer than what most FIFA players will ever get to see them. Perhaps it's best this way though, as - to be honest - their attention to detail is quite basic.

Are you missing your favorite colorway? Share your thoughts on the boots included in FIFA 17 below.