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New Videos Show Off Adidas Glitch in Action

You'll all have seen Adidas' upcoming Glitch football boots by now. Roughly inspired by the mid-2000s' Tunit range, the Adidas Glitch cleats allow to seamlessly switch between different 'innershoes' and 'outerskins'. Finally, one of the many people who got their hands on them early decided to show how they work with a video.

Adidas Glitch - How Does it Work?

Watch the short video below, via @lucasfootball3.

Apparently, applying the innershoe to the outerskin is as easy as pie and does not require any shoemaking experience. In a matter of seconds, the techfit part of the cleat is applied to the outer skin and you are ready to go.

Have all your Adidas Glitch questions been answered by now? Let us know in the comments below.