Will The Limited-Edition Nike Hypervenom Wayne Rooney Boots Ever Be Released?

Months ago, Nike planed to release a limited-edition version of the Nike Hypervenom II for Wayne Rooney if the Man Utd striker scores 250 goals to become Manchester United's all-time top scorer ahead of the launch of the next-gen Nike Hypervenom III in early 2017. But with Rooney's current scoring record, it seems not unlikely that we could never see the cleats that were leaked two months ago.

Other Limited-Edition Nike Boots Were Also Never Released

Nike planned to release a limited-edition Nike Hypervenom Miroslav Klose boot after the 2014 World Cup, which never saw the 'official light'.

It is almost certain that Nike will not change their scheduled release date for the next-generation Nike Hypervenom III, expected to be launched in the first two months of the new year, which makes it anything but impossible that Nike could end up not releasing the limited-edition Wayne Rooney boots at all. Wayne Rooney needs just four goals to reach 250 and become Man United's all-time top goalscorer, but has not scored since two months and gets less playing time recently.

And while this article sounds like pure speculation as first glance, the past has already shown that some boots are never released, such as the recently leaked Nike Hypervenom Klose all-time World Cup goalscorer boots as well as other leaked prototypes that get leaked but never released.

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