Insane Adidas Ace 18 Leather Boost Prototype Leaked

Instagram user @bryant_sibaja, who has gotten his hands on lots of different Adidas prototypes, recently showed off an immensely interesting prototype that combines a leather upper with a visible Boost midsole.

Adidas Ace 18 Leather Boost Prototype

This is the image of the supposed 2018 Adidas Ace Leather prototype cleats.

First off, we think that these boots are an early prototype of the Adidas Ace 18 for two reasons: first, they don't look quite similar to anything we've seen of the Ace 17 so far and the fourth generation of the Adidas Ace is alos just a bit more than 12 months away from now - it's not unusual for Adidas prototypes to float around this early.

On top of that, the blacked-out boots feature a sole construction we've already seen before on another prototype that was then tipped to be another Ace 18 model. Similar to the upcoming Ace 17+ PureControl, this one features a Boost midsole, but there are two key differences. First, according to the poster of the other prototype, the Boost layer is thicker than on the Ace 17. It also doesn't only cover the bottom of the shoe - it extends to the heel counter.

With the most interesting part of the shoe covered, let's take a look at the rest. The upper construction of this prototype is split between a leather part at the front and a Primeknit / techfit construction in the rear, similar to the Adidas Ace 17.1 Leather edition.

Although it's by no means confirmed, our guess would be that the prototype pictured in this article is of the Adidas Ace 18.1 Leather version. You can expect some changes to be made before they finally are released in more than 12 months' time, but the basics should stay.

What do you think of this interesting Adidas Ace 18 prototype? Drop us a line below.
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