Adidas Copa 17 Overview - 17.1 vs 17.2 vs 17.3 vs 17.4

Following their official reveal a few days ago and ahead of their retail launch on December 1, we want to take a closer look at the all-new Adidas Copa 17 and, more specific, the different models that form the new silo.

Adidas Copa 17.1

This is the Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit boot.

Retailing at 200 EUR, the Adidas Copa 17.1 is the most advanced model of the range. It's the only one to feature kangaroo leather for the upper and a Sprintframe outsole.

Adidas Copa 17.2

This slideshow features the Adidas Copa 17.2 cleats.

The Adidas Copa 17.2 boots have a Taurus-leather upper and retail at only half the price of the 17.1 - 100 EUR.

Adidas Copa 17.3

Check out the Adidas Copa 17.1 soccer cleats below.

Relatively similar to the 17.2 edition, the Adidas Copa 17.2 boots also feature a genuine leather upper and retail at 70 EUR.

Adidas Copa 17.4

This is the Adidas Copa 17.1 football boot (pictured: kids' version).

Retailing a mere 50 EUR in the adults' version, the Adidas Copa 17.4 cleats have a synthetic-leather upper and a tongue that folds over properly.

Adidas Copa 17 Overview

Compare all of the above Adidas Copa 17 models in one handy table below.

Copa 17.1Copa 17.2Copa 17.3Copa 17.4
UpperK-leatherTaurus leatherLeatherSynthetic leather
OutsoleSprintframe outsoleConical studs outsoleConical studs outsole-
External heel counterXXX

Which of the four tiers of the Adidas Copa 17 soccer boots offers the best value for its money? Share your thoughts below.