FC Barcelona Celebrates Its 117th Birthday Today - Here Is the First Jersey

FC Barcelona was founded 117 years ago today. The club has definitely come a long way since, but some things haven't changed all that much as well, as a look at the jersey from back then shows.

The very first FC Barcelona jersey boasted a traditional look typical for its era. It sported a half-and-half design, which was since revisited plenty of times, in the same blue and red tones that are used to this day. If you didn't know, the colors and initial kit design of Barcelona are said to be inspired by Switzerland's FC Basel, a club FC Barcelona founder Gamper played for before.

On the left side of the first-ever Barcelona shirt sits a red pocket with the original club crest inside. This badge, closely based on the Barcelona coat of arms, was updated to more or less what we see today not long after, in 1910.

Would you like to see Barcelona try the half-and-half style again? Drop us a line below.
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