Adidas to Release Nemeziz Sneaker with 3D-Printed Futurecraft Sole

Exclusive. Adidas will release a Nemeziz-inspired sneaker with a 3D-printed Futurecraft outsole to celebrate the all-new football boot silo's debut in Summer 2017. In fact, this football-inspired sneaker was already visible on the very first leaked picture of the Adidas Nemeziz.

Adidas Nemeziz Futurecraft

This image shows the black and blue Adidas Nemeziz Futurecraft sneaker.

Closely following the look of the cleated Adidas Nemeziz boots, this lifestyle sneaker features a unique upper construction that draws inspiration from medical tape. The whole upper of the Adidas Nemeziz Futurecraft shoes is covered with thin black and blue lines, while the lateral Adidas stripes are applied less obtrusively than on the on-pitch variant - they are blue instead of yellow.

Original Adidas Futurecraft prototype

Last but not least, the most important part of the Adidas Nemeziz Futurecraft sneaker is the outsole. Informed by research, the sole is 3D-printed to exactly fit their purpose and allow for different and quicker production cycles. That's without considering its stunning looks.

Up close with the original Adidas Futurecraft prototype

These days, Adidas launched the "3D Runner", a limited-edition $330 running shoe that dropped in select Adidas stores in London, New York and Tokyo, but 2017 will see the cutting-edge 3D-printed outsole it features take a much more central role, next to the brand's famed Boost tech.

No details on the availability of the Adidas Nemeziz Futurecraft sneaker are known as of now, but we expect them to be very limited. Color updates should be released together with the on-pitch paint jobs, as seen with the Ace 16+ PureControl.

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