Blue Blast Adidas X 16 PureChaos 2017 Boots Leaked

Adidas will start the new year with two totally different colorways for their football boots. While the first launch of the new year introduces classy black and white designs for their X silo, the second 2017 Adidas X launch introduces an extremely bold blue and pink colorway for the X.

Adidas X 16+ PureChaos - Blue / Shock Pink / White

This image shows the Adidas X 16+ PureChaos soccer cleats from the Blue Blast pack (pictures by @footybootaddict).

For the second release of the new year, Adidas brings a gradient design to the X 16 boots. Fading from blue towards pink at the rear, the Blue & Shock Pink Adidas X 2017 cleats come with a white Adidas Performance logo on the outstep, whereas the X and techfit brandings on the inside rear are blue.

Tech-wise, the blue-and-pink Adidas X 16 PureChaos 2017 soccer boots are identical to all previously launched versions. They come with a techfit collar, a lightweight synthetic upper with a faux tongue-less design and a speed-focused sole plate with an external heel counter.

The blue and pink Adidas X 16+ PureChaos 2017 boots will hit stores in late January 2017 for 250 Euro (250 USD, 200 GBP).

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