LEAKED: Juventus to Release Fourth Kit in 2017-18 - Colors & Info

We can reveal that Italian record champion Juventus will release a fourth kit during the 2017-18 season. Made by Adidas and featuring Jeep as main sponsor, the Juventus 17-18 fourth shirt could be dedicated to celebrating the club's 120th anniversary in November 2017.

Juventus 17-18 Fourth Kit

This image shows the colors of the Adidas Juventus 2017-2018 fourth jersey.

Made by Adidas, not a lot details on the Juventus 2017-18 fourth kit are known yet. In fact, it's only certain that the Juventus 17-18 fourth jersey will be predominantly white, while black will be used for accents such as the Adidas and Jeep logos on the front.

The white Juventus 2017-2018 fourth kit will accompany the striped home, yellow away and green third uniforms. The Juventus 17-18 fourth kit will by no means be the first time that Juventus will wear a predominantly white jersey, as evidenced by this season's third.

The shorts and socks of the Juventus 17-18 fourth kit are set to be white as well.

Four kits in one season? What are your thoughts on Juventus receiving a fourth kit from Adidas in 2017-18? Drop us a line below.