New AC Milan Logo Leaked?

If you watched yesterday's match between Juventus and Milan closely, you may have noticed that AC Milan head coach Vincenzo Montella was wearing a suit featuring a Milan crest that is different to the well-known Milan crest. Will AC Milan soon unveil a new club crest, just as teams as AS Roma and Manchester City?

AC Milan Coach Reveals Never-Seen-Before Logo

This is a close-up of Montella's suit including a new Milan crest.

The Milan crest on Montella's suit is very similar to the standard one. But while the shape and the elements of both crests are almost the same, the 'new' Milan logo comes with much more golden elements.

Regular Milan logo and leaked Milan logo for the 2016-17 season

Interestingly, ahead of the start of this season, a totally redesigned Milan crest appeared on leaked pictures of the authentic version of the new Milan home kit, with all replica variants instead featuring the traditional logo. But the totally different AC Milan logo never made its way on the final kits, and it is also not known yet what happened to that logo.

Do you think that Milan will soon unveil a new club crest? What do you think of the new leaked logo? Let us know in the comments below.
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