Premier League Star Shows Off Ridiculous Modified Adidas X 16 Boots

Possibly inspired by Manchester United cross merchant Jesse Lingard, Southampton star Jay Rodriguez was pictured wearing a pair of oddly customized Adidas X 16.1 boots in today's clash with Bournemouth.

Jay Rodriguez Shows Off Unique Modified Adidas X 16 Boots

Get a closer look at the boots worn by Rodriguez against Bournemouth below.

Based on the regular Adidas X 16.1 Red Limit, Rodriguez' cleats show a distinct cut right down the middle of the techfit collar construction. Whereas Lingard combined a similar 'edit' with a truly remarkable and unique lacing system, Rodriguez laced his boots up the standard way.

Our best guess is that Rodriguez felt that the collar on his Adidas X 16.1 boots was slightly too tight and went for a straightforward fix here.

What do you think was the reason for this particular modification? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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