Schalke 04 17-18 Third Kit Released

The new Schalke 04 17-18 third kit pays homage to the city of Gelsenkirchen, just like the previous one. Again made by Adidas and featuring and Gazprom as sponsor, the Schalke 04 2017-18 third shirt was released on July 31 and (so far) is exclusively available at, an online marketplace and Schalke's sleeve sponsor.

Schalke 04 17-18 Third Kit

This image shows the Schalke 04's 2017-2018 third jersey.

Just as two previous of their away and third jerseys, the Schalke 04 2017-18 third shirt pays homage to Gelsenkirchen as the club's home city, using the black and green from its flag.

However, unlike before, the Schalke 2017-2018 third kit is mainly black, with green being used as color for the sleeves, the collar, which is like the one of the new Manchester United shirt, and the lateral Three Stripes.

Last but not least, the Adidas and Gazprom logos on the front of the new Schalke third kit are white.

The shorts and the socks of the new Schalke 04 2017-2018 third shirt are predominantly green, with black and white as additional colors.

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