Galatasaray 17-18 Away Kit Released

The Galatasaray 17-18 away kit, produced by Nike and featuring nef as sponsor, brings a clean look with subtly orange sleeves. It was officially launched today.

Galatasaray 17-18 Away Kit

This is the new Galatasaray away jersey.

Like almost every year, the new Galatasaray away shirt is white, while accents including the Swoosh on the left chest are dark red. The feature of the Galatasaray 2017-18 away shirt that will get people talking, however, are the sleeves which are all-orange.

Red side ribbons are designed to bring movement to the shirt, which is based on Nike's latest Aeroswift jersey.

White shorts and socks complete the clean look of the Galatasaray 2017-2018 away kit.

White, red and orange sleeves. What do you think of the Galatasaray 2017-18 away jersey? Drop us a line below, and also check out all other leaked 2017-18 shirts in the Kit Overview.