Manchester City Kit Man Forgets to Add FA Cup Sleeve Badge

Have you spotted this yesterday evening? Manchester City had an impressive match yesterday beating West Ham United 5-0 in Round 3 of the FA Cup. But while West Ham's kit was perfectly prepared for the match, Man City's kit lacked an important detail.

Manchester City Wears Kit Without FA Cup Badge in Third Round West Ham Clash

While Man City's jersey correctly featured the cup font instead of the Premier League typeface, the jersey came without the red Emirates FA Cup badge on the sleeves.

Since there has not been published any information yet why the Man City jersey lacked the Emirates FA Cup sleeve badge yesterday, it is not known why the shirt didn't have the badge on it, even though it seems most likely that they did not expect to be allowed to wear their sky blue home shirt.

Have you spotted something similar recently? What do you think was the reason why Man City's kit did not have the FA Cup sleeve badge on it? Drop us a line below.
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