Nike Hypervenom 3 Sketchbook + Designer Talk

Commemorating the launch of the Hypervenom 3, Nike also unveiled a sketchbook courtesy of one of the designers behind it, Dylan Van Atta. Check it out below and listen to what Max Blau, VP of Nike Football Footwear, and Van Atta had to say on the third generation of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom.

“This is a finisher’s boot,” explains Blau. “Every component of this boot was built for goals.”

“We wanted a softened, flexible upper on Hypervenom 3 and knew Flyknit was the best way to achieve this,” explains the boot’s designer, Dylan Van Atta. “By designing down to the pixel, we’re able to bond the texture only where necessary to keep it supple for comfort and touch.”

“The prominent bones in your ankle are offset by up to 10mm and Hypervenom 3 mirrors this,” explains Van Atta (on the asymmetrical Dynamic Fit collar). “Lateral cutting can subject ankles to an extreme angle and this boot was designed with that in mind.”

“The Hyper-Reactive plate has been in development for six years,” states Van Atta. “We drew inspiration from Nike Free to create a more flexible forefoot that stays in contact with the ground while the heel is lifted for sharp cuts.”

“We leveraged hexagon studs for rotation and push-off so players could cut confidently,” explains Van Atta, “while incorporating sidewall chevrons for lateral and medial traction.”

“We crafted over 200 prototypes before achieving just the right balance for what players are trying to achieve,” concludes Blau. “With a sharp focus on a ‘cut and strike’ style of play, we’ve built the ultimate finisher’s boot.”

Now that you know (almost) everything there is to know, what's your verdict for the Nike Hypervenom III? Drop us a line below.