Stunning Under Armour Spotlight 2017 Aquaflage Boots Released

Under Armour has released a stunning new edition for its Spotlight football boot line, part of the new Aquaflage collection.

Under Armour Spotlight - Aquaflage Edition

This image shows the Under Armour Spotlight Aquaflage cleats.

The new Under Armour Spotlight Aquaflage soccer boots boast a unique turquoise, blue and navy upper design to stand out. Under Armour combines the blue upper with white applications and a hi-vis yellow inner part.

Tech-wise, the Aquaflage Under Armour Spotlight boots are identical to all other editions. They come with a lightweight, synthetic upper as well as an asymmetrical construction for a larger striking surface. Read all about the tech features of the Under Armour Spotlight here.

The Under Armour Aquaflage soccer cleats are already available to buy.

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