Youtuber Destroys Football Boots - for the Sake of Clicks

Once again proving that nothing is too stupid if it gets you clicks, popular football YouTubers 'Football Boots' have jumped on the '1000 degree Knife' meme and applied it to their regular content, football boots.

In the video, we see the Football Boots guy heat up a knife and cut through various soccer cleats, including an Adidas Ace 16 PureControl, X 16 PureChaos and the most recent Cristiano Ronaldo signature model, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V Chapter 3.

There isn't really anything else to it, but still it results in a solid 12 minutes of knife cutting action. Football Boots' subscribers where less than impressed with this latest burst of creativity, with almost 1,500 dislikes recorded to date.

What do you think? Should they have given away the boots to people who may need them more instead of just destroying them? Drop us a line below.
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