All-New Next-Gen Nike Premier 2 2017 Anti-Clog Boots Released

Nike today released the first-ever Anti-Clog edition for its Nike Premier football boots. The Black and Volt next-gen Nike Premier II 2017 Anti-Clog soccer cleats are an exclusive Anti-Clog release.

Nike Premier II Anti-Clog Boots - Black / Volt / Black

This is the new Nike Premier 2 Anti-Clog soccer shoe.

Compared to the classic black and white launch colorway of the standard FG and SG Nike Premier II soccer cleat, the Nike Premier Anti-Clog soccer boot is much more modern featuring Volt applications instead of white logos. Apart from the colors, the visual design of the boots is the same, including the lettering Nike on the heel, the Swoosh and the fold-over tongue.

Like the FG launch edition, the Nike Premier Anti-Clog SG-Pro football boots feature a soft Kangaroo leather upper. The obvious difference between the normal edition and the Anti-Clog version is the sole plate. The first generation of the Nike Premier football boot was never released as Anti-Clog version but just as standard SG version, whereas the next-gen Nike Premier 2 Anti-Clog soccer boot comes with the revolutionary Anti-Clog sole plate technology for perfect traction of wet surfaces.

Officially released on July 1 2017, the Nike Premier II football boot retails at around 180 Euro (180 USD, 150 GBP), which is much more expensive than the FG version (95 GBP). The boot is much more expensive than we previously reported.

Will you get your hands on the Nike Premier football boot with Anti-Clog technology? Let us know in the comments below.