Barcelona, Man Utd and Real Madrid Kits From Just £5 | How to Get Them Online Now

Ever wondered what happens with kits when they are not sold? This happens regularly with many kits released by the big brands for their clubs, including teams such as Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

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Those clubs offer their current kits for at reduced prices from the last months of the each season in order to avoid to have them in stock when next season's kits are released. But if this does not work out and they still have many old kits left when the new ones are launched, those old soccer jerseys are available for a fraction of the original price. Here is how to get them.

How to Get Football Kits for a Fraction of the Retail Price

This Errea Blackpool kit is available for just 8 GBP, more than 75% cheaper than the original price.

Ranging from English lower-tier clubs over smaller European clubs such as Racing Santander and Eintracht Frankfurt to European giants like Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid, Classic Football Shirt's Kit Clearance leave nothing to be desired.

Get them now on Classic Football Shirts

And there are not only various cheap football shirts available, there are also various rare soccer jerseys available for a fraction of the standard price, such as aboves FC Barcelona Player Issue home shirt, which was produced for "players who did not like the fit and material of the full player issue shirt with plastic badges".

Get them now on Classic Football Shirts

Have you spotted similar good deals? Let us know in the comments below and check out Classic Football Shirt's Full Clearance section to find your perfect shirt.
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