BRAND NEW Concave Halo+ Pro Review

Along with the tagline “We Dominate“, Concave introduced the new generation of the Halo+. This latest version features a more aggressive appearance with specific applications on the upper, with a plethora of control elements to improve power performance and shooting for attack minded players.

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The new Halo+ goes back to original roots and concept of it being a power boot. The previous generation of the Halo+ as soon below had shifted to a sleeker and less aggressive style, just like what happened to the Predator range with adidas or the T90 range with Nike. This new generation though has gone back to the aggressive style, focusing more on the power aspect and not the lightweight. Now we’ve been lucky enough to have a pair in testing for the past few weeks so here is what we thought. The main model Concave are advertising for the new silo is actually unlike most brands; the leather variation of the boot. Concave have released two versions, a microfiber synthetic upper or a leather version. The leather version retails at a $10 premium and after testing it you can see why.

Initial Reaction

As the new generation is basically an entirely different boot the previous Halo+ we were not too sure what to expect, as there is pretty much nothing that connects both other than the name and primary focus. In essence, it is like testing a completely new silo.

Breaking In and Fit

Breaking the boots in did not take too long. The soleplate is definitely not the most flexible but you get used to the hard-hitting studs pretty quickly, and overall you can take them out of the box and comfortably get them into some game action. One problem that occurred however at the very start of the break in period was a bit of a discomfort in the lateral collar of the shoe, this was because it is a bulkier feel than most boots and so it is something you will need to get used to. Comfort was not an issue, but you must ensure with these boots that they suit your style, as they are not like most modern boots. From my experience, these boots will not suit everyone. It is a boot that is built like a proper old school power boot, focusing on the power elements through the rubber fins in the forefoot and the control element on the laces. The shoe is neither bulky nor heavy but it is not centered on it, so it is definitely not as lightweight or thin as with other models. Personally, I loved wearing them, exactly because of that, however I am sure that there will be some of you that will not prefer the old school power boot feel.
In terms of specific fit, the boots do not have a narrow shape allowing a comfortable experience for most.

Upper Design and Control Element

The new PowerStrike technology was added through the upper in this new generation to provide for a better sweet spot when striking, just like with the control element. The concept is simple; provide the player with a sweet spot for shooting that ensures you have a better strike zone to increase power through the control element and also accuracy.
The actual design of the shoe is very classy with the leather being extremely soft to the touch and the rubber elements running nicely through the forefoot. The new mesh design on the heel offers a breathable upper so you don’t overheat when playing. When playing during a full 90-minute match I found it was very useful to have the breathable mesh combined with the total comfort of the leather front of the boot.
The beautiful thing about this design is that there is plenty of material to ensure a comfortable and confident touch and strike on the ball. These are a great boot for placing shots while still putting a strong amount of power on it or even when looking to curl it from outside the box.

Soleplate and Traction

The soleplate was the one part of the boot I was not convinced by at first look. The high profile studs mean that although it is firm ground, it will struggle on any surface that isn’t professional standard perfect. Playing on turf is a definite NO with these or any type of moderately hard surface because the studs are not small enough. The soleplate will work wonders though on any surface that is between FG and SG (Soft Ground). I found that the actual stud pattern is fairly responsive and the bladed studs make for a strong and quick acceleration. Hence, they are perfect with quick entry and release from the surface when looking to push away.

Visual Designs

There has been a very mixed reaction to the release colorway, with some fans loving it and others bashing the overly simple and ‘boring’ colorway. Personally however, I think visually the boot matches the personality of the silo perfectly; simple and timeless, the classic no-nonsense footballer. The black upper with white detailing makes for a clean look that matches the boots overall story; it doesn’t need flashy colors to show what it can do.


Highlight: The concept of the boot is simple; a proper power boot. This is what a true attackers boot looks like, geared towards power, control and aggression
Category: Power/Control
Would I Buy Them: Definitely! Before wearing them I probably would not have justified spending my money on these when you can get for the same price the top tier boots from the big brands. However after actually wearing them I completely changed my opinion. This is a true old school power boot, which you cannot find from the big brands anymore. I would definitely pick these as my weapons of choice for match day.
Player Position: Built for a both a finisher and a playmaker. Anyone could really wear these as it provides enough protection in the heel for even defenders/keepers. Probably would not be a wingers first choice though as it is not a lightweight or barefoot feel.


Material Quality

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We hope you enjoyed our debut boot review. Do you have any suggestions? Don't hesitate to share them in the comments below this post.