Hannover 96 Launches Special Kit to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Historic Cup Win

Hannover 96, currently competing in the German second division, these days unveiled a special one-off jersey to celebrate the 1992 German Cup win. Fittingly, the special Hannover shirt will be worn in next week's cup game against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Hannover 96 Special Jersey - 25th Anniversary of German Cup Win

This the special jersey unveiled by Hannover 96 this week.

Made by Jako, the Hannover 2017 Cup shirt is closely inspired by the 1992 original. It is red with black insets on both sides, and, most importantly, a wild graphic print on the shoulders that's typical of the 1990s.

1992 original (via das-fanmagazin.de)

Black and red details are present on the sleeves of the jersey as well, while sleek, monochromatic logos round off the look. A subtle logo is printed on the lower back to further commemorate the historic cup triumph.

The Hannover special Cup jersey sold out within days and only limited children's sizes are still available.

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