Manchester United 2017 EFL Cup Winners Shirt Revealed

Not long after lifting the cup, Manchester United have unveiled the official winners' shirt for this 2017 EFL Cup, something which has become tradition over the last few years.

Manchester United 2017 EFL Cup Winners Shirt

This image shows the red, white and black shirt.

Based on a standard Adidas tee in red, the Manchester United 2017 EFL Cup winners jersey neatly mixes a nod to Adidas (the brand's "Never Follow" tag is the centerpiece) and mention of the fifth trophy in tournament (enlarged 'V') to create a unique design.

Better than most Adidas' winners' shirts in recent jerseys, this top also features a bespoke drawing including the most important players, such as Ibrahimovic, De Gea and Mata, as well as coach Jose Mourinho.

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