Eye-Catching Adidas Glitch 17 Leather Optiflage Boots Released

The new Optiflage design landed on the leather version of the Adidas Glitch this morning, in a toned down variation that might actually look better than the colorful mess that is the synthetic version. Still exclusive to the UK, the green and black Adidas Glitch Leather Opti football boots are already available to buy.

Adidas Glitch 17 Optiflage - Green / Black

This image shows the new Opti pack leather skin for the Adidas Glitch.

The new Adidas Glitch 17 Leather Optiflage cleats offer a more subtle, tonal take on the garish pattern that can be found on the latest synthetic skin. Their bright green base color is neatly combined with black lining along the color and black Adidas stripes on medial and lateral sides.

Tech-wise, the Optiflage leather edition of the Adidas Glitch hasn't undergone any changes. It combines the standard, stretchable upper material of the Glitch with kangaroo-leather in the forefoot part of the shoe.

Part of the Optiflage collection, the black and green Adidas Glitch 17 boots are already available to buy at a price of £100 (€110). It has to be combined with a fitting inner shoe to function as a normal football boot, as always.

Do you like the latest leather paint job for the Adidas Glitch? Drop us a line below, and check out all leaked soccer cleats in the Boot Calendar.