Are Men's and Women's Football Boots Identical?

Update: Nike has started to listing both the men's and women's size of their football boots on the boxes and on their website, making it much easier for players (Nike Women's and Men's football boots are identical, while Adidas' women's cleats feature a special sole plate developed for the women's foot). Thanks to Soccer Cleats 101 for the hint.

Nike has started to listing both the men's and women's sizes on their shoe boxes with the latest Nike Mercurial Neymar signature cleats

Nike Football Boots - Men's & Women's Cleats Are 100% Identical

Ever wondered if the Men's and Women's football boots the big brands such as Adidas and Nike release are identical? We take a look between the differences between Men's and Women's soccer cleats.

Adidas and Nike regularly release new football boots collection, both for Men's and Women's. Adidas was the first brand to release a football boot especially made for Women's in 1975 (Adidas ANJA), while Nike recently started to release almost as many Women's boot packs as regular Men's boots pack. This means that the Swoosh launches four Women's boot collection every year, while Adidas bring out two Women's boot collection per year.

Are Men's and Women's Soccer Cleats Interchangeable?

The Nike Motion Blur Men's and Women's collections are 'unisex'.

Even though Nike does market their Women's solely for Women's, all of the boots from the Nike Men's and Women's Motion Blur soccer boot collection are the same. The only difference is the size. So Men can get their favorite model if their boots size is not bigger than EU43/US11 in a Women's colorway, and Women's can get Nike's Men's boots if they don't like the Women's releases.

The same applied for Adidas Men's and Women's football boots until this year. But in January, the Three Stripes launched their first Women's boot collection "engineered to specifically fit the female foot". Both the Adidas Ace and X therefore feature smaller and shorter studs.

However, most Women's actually lace up in Men's football boot editions and colorways, so it's rather a players' personal fit that makes a boot suitable or not. There should be also no problem for Men's to lace up in the recently released Women's football boots if they fit well, we think.

Have you ever worn Women's football boots as a Men? Did you know that Men's and Women's football boots are interchangeable? Share your thoughts in the comments below.