Black / Red Adidas Glitch 17 Optiflage Boots Released

Adidas released another two new Glitch skins this morning, and one of them comes as suprise even to avid followers of this side. Black and red, this latest Adidas Glitch is expected to be widely popular amongst the limited but enthusiastic crowd it is available to.

Adidas Glitch - Black / Volcanic Red

This image shows the black and red Adidas Glitch 17 cleats.

Another addition to the "Optiflage" collection, the black and red Adidas Glitch 2017 boots are predominantly black with a subtle all-over pattern and red 3 Stripes on the outstep.

Interestingly, the black and red Adidas Glitch 17 outer skin is available for both FG and SG surfaces. As always, the RRP is GBP 100.

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