The Champions League Could Return to FIFA in 2018

The UEFA Champions League could return to EA Sports' FIFA series in 2018, the European football governing body has announced. Currently held by Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer, the Champions League license will soon be awarded for the 2018-21 cycle.

Champions League in PES 2017

Konami took over the Champions League license from EA Sports, who had released two standalone Champions League games in 2005 and 2007, in 2008 and used it inside the regular Pro Evolution Soccer games starting with the 2009 edition.

What it looked like the last time...

Now could be EA's chance to regain control of this important license, with possible implementations ranging from embedding it into the standard FIFA to DLCs or even standalone games as before.

Konami also acquired the license for the UEFA Euro tournaments and had the 2016 edition, after EA had released standalone games in 2004 and 2008 and a paid DLC in 2012.

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