25 Years Of Unique Boots - Here Is Francesco Totti's Full Boot History

Francesco Totti is famous for wearing a completely custom version of the Nike Tiempo Legend football boot with a custom, traditional fold-over tongue. The AS Roma midfielder, who has never played for a different club than the Giallorossi, will receive a new signature football boot from Nike next week. We take a look at the soccer cleats worn by Totti during his career, including boots from several different brands which always had one feature - the iconic classic fold-over tongue.

Francesco Totti Uses Nike Football Boots From 1992 Until 2004

Totti wore partly blacked-out Nike boots in the UEFA Euro 2000.

Francesco Totti made his first professional match 25 years wearing Nike soccer boots. He should lace up in different Nike football boots in the next decade, while he partly blacked-out his Nike soccer cleats ahead of the UEFA Euro 2000.

In 2000, Francesco Totti switched to the new Nike Total 90 football boot, which he should wear until 2004. But in early 2005, Francesco Totti said goodbye to the Swoosh as he was signed by Italian brand Diadora.

2005 - Totti Makes Diadora Switch

Francesco Totti won the 2006 World Cup wearing Diadora soccer cleats.

Francesco Totti was the main player of Italian brand Diadora, headlining their different football boot models of that time. Diadora honored Roma legend Totti with an all gold pair of their boots in 2006 and also created a lot of other custom boots for the midfielder.

Totti Leaves Diadora - Laces Up In Blackout Boots For Several Years

Totti used blackout Adidas Predator soccer cleats after his contract with Diadora ended.

In 2009, Francesco Totti's contract with Diadora was up and Totti was without a contract. The AS Roma legend therefore laced up in blacked-out football boots in order to give no brand free advertisement. Back then, it was rumored that he would join Kappa, but as no offer of any brand was good enough for him he did not sign a new boot deal.

Interestingly, the Roma captain also laced up in blackout Adidas Predator soccer boots in some matches after his Diadora contract came to an end, something that is not known by a lot of boot fans.

Totti Rejoins Nike And Receives First Signature Boots

In late 2013, Totti said goodbye to blacked-out footwear after more than four years and switched to the new Nike Tiempo Legend V launch colorway featuring his custom tongue, logically.

Francesco Totti received a limited edition black and silver Nike Tiempo Legend V signature cleat in 2015. Last week, it was revealed that Nike will unveil a new signature limited edition boot to honor his 25 years playing at Roma.

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