Is this Even Legal? Puma Puts evoTOUCH Verratti DF Boots on Sale

Despite Marco Verratti's contract with Puma having ended and the Italian midfield maestro sporting blackout boots for some time now, Puma USA has put up the evoTOUCH Verratti special-edition boots that were set to be launched in February. This contradicts Puma's acting as a whole as the brand did not release these boots anywhere following Verratti's departure.

Inspired by Verratti's team, Paris Saint-Germain, the Derby Fever boots were supposed to be worn in the Ligue 1 game against Marseille in late February. They are dark blue ("Peacot") and feature red and white accents.

Only available in the most expensive version of the model, the evoTOUCH Pro, the Marco Verratti cleats retail at $300 and are only available on at the time of writing.

Do you think Puma is in the right to have these boots available for sale? Drop us a line below.