Here Are All 17 Adidas Glitch Colorways Released So Far

With more and more Glitch skins being flooded into the UK market, we thought it was time to give you guys a complete overview over the fast-moving Adidas silo. Here are all 17 colorways the three-stripe brand has released for the Adidas Glitch so far.

Initial Launch

The Adidas Glitch was launched in late October in an initial batch of four more or less understated colorways.

The very first Adidas Glitch 16 boots are actually not available to purchase anymore, with only the newer colorways available instead.


The next Adidas Glitch drop were two London-exclusive colors, all-black and all-white, respectively. They were released in early December, 2016.


Fast forward to 2017 and things really started to heat up for the Adidas Glitch. First came the Mirage pack with absolutely garish yellow and pink synthetic and black and white leather uppers.


Just one month later, the Adidas Glitch Optiflage skins were released, once again offering two garish synthetic and two more understated leather options.


The most recent Adidas Glitch collection is "Corrozone", which (so far) includes three metallic skins in silver, green and gold.

Which of the 17 Adidas Glitch outer skins released so far is your favorite? Drop us a line below.
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