Messi Reveals His Gigantic Kit Collection

FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has shown off his shirt collection on Instagram today, revealing that he has collected dozens of jerseys in his career so far.

Lionel Messi Presents Kit Collection

Messi has a special shirt room for his kit collection.

Messi's shirt collection includes his own Argentina and FC Barcelona shirts as well as many shirts of friends and former and current teammates such as the jerseys from Cesc Fabregas and Pique. However, his collection also includes kits of players he has never played against such as the kit from West Ham player Manuel Lanzini who met Messi back in January 2016 - and swapped shirts with him.

Messi's special kit collection also features many shirts of Real Madrid. There is no jersey of Cristiano Ronaldo visible on the picture, however.

Messi some weeks ago revealed that he's only asked one player in his entire career to swap shirts at the end of a game: "I am not one to ask to swap shirts. I asked, once…I asked Zidane," he said.

"I don’t ask for shirts. If there is an Argentine, I will swap with an Argentine. If not and there is someone else that asks me, I will swap it with them. If not, I do not look and do not ask."

Do you also have a shirt collection? If so, share a picture of your collection in the comments below.
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