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Sevilla 17-18 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

New Balance Football and Sevilla FC this evening launched the club's new Home, Away and Third kits. All three new Sevilla jerseys introduce clean and bespoke designs, in white, red and black.

Sevilla 17-18 Home Kit

This is the Sevilla 2017-18 Home shirt.

As always, the Sevilla 2017-2018 Home jersey is white. This year, the collar is red, a color matched by a thin stripe that runs from said collar to the shoulder seam and one around the arms.

A subtle pattern of stripes covers the front and back of the Sevilla 17-18 Home shirt. Former player Antonio Puerta, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a game in 2007, is remembered with his shirt number, 16, printed inside the red stripe on the upper back.

White shorts and black socks complete the new Sevilla Home kit.

Sevilla 17-18 Away Kit

This is the New Balance Sevilla 2017-2018 Away shirt.

Predominantly red, the Sevilla 2017-18 Away jersey features white accents in the form of the collar and on the cuffs.

In addition, a subtle stripes pattern covers the front and back of the Sevilla 17-18 Away shirt.

Red shorts and socks complete the Sevilla 17-18 Away kit. Both are kept very simple, with the latter featuring a 'SFC' text on the front.

Sevilla 17-18 Third Kit

This is Sevilla FC 2017-18 Third jersey.

Completing the set is the black Sevilla 2017-2018 Third shirt, which has a more unusual look than the other two. A triangular pattern is visible on the front of the Third, which sees white details in the form of a granddad collar, the sleeve cuffs and a thin stripe on the upper back.

Black shorts and socks, both in the same style as for Home and Away, complete the kit.

Sevilla 17-18 Goalkeeper Kits

Below you can see the new Sevilla Goalkeeper jerseys for 2017-18.

Based on the standard template, the Sevilla Goalkeeper shirts are pink and black.

What do you think of the Sevilla kits for the upcoming season? Drop us a line below.