All-New Red Bull Salzburg 17-18 Champions League Kits + Logo Revealed

Making sure there's nothing to suggest any sort of connection between itself and RB Leipzig, Austrian champion Red Bull Salzburg yesterday launched a brand-new logo and two kits, both of which will only be used in the Champions League.

It was only recently announced that both teams, which are closely affiliated, could participate in the competition. UEFA regulations forbid two teams with the same owners from taking part in the same competition normally. In the league, Salzburg will wear the same kits as Leipzig, with its regular badge.

Red Bull Salzburg 17-18 Champions League Kit

This image shows the special Salzburg 2017-2018 Champions League home and away jerseys.

Based on the Trophy III teamwear model, one of the cheapest available from Nike at just £17, the Salzburg 2017-18 Champions League shirt is white with light grey sleeves. The Swoosh is black, while the Red Bull sponsor logo is replaced by just the name of the company.

Funnily, the away kit is based on the similarly looking Revolution template, which costs £35 for blanks. It's predominantly 'Obsidian' with 'Volt' sleeves and a Swoosh in the same color on the chest.

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