Adidas Tabela 18 Teamwear Template Released

One of the four new teamwear templates Adidas is introducing for 2018 is Tabela 18. Just like the other three, the Adidas Tabela 18 teamwear jersey has been available to buy since December 1.

Adidas Tabela 18 Teamwear Kit

This is the Adidas Tabela 18 template in 'Power Red' and white.

A class look, the new Adidas Tabela 18 template is solid-colored with a subtle pinstripe pattern and an overlap v-collar in the primary accent color. Said color is also used for the 3 Stripes, placed on the shoulders and the sleeve cuffs.

Tabela 18 does not come with a fitting set of shorts and will instead be paired with one of the other available options.

The Adidas Tabela 18 shirt was released in the following color combos:
  • Black / White
  • White / Black
  • White / Power Red
  • Clear Blue / White
  • Bold Blue / White
  • Power Red / White
  • Dark Blue / White
  • Collegiate Green / White
  • Yellow / White
  • Orange / White
  • Maroon / White
  • Semi Solar Green / Black

Not one of the 'top' teamwear models, Adidas Tabela 18 is most likely to be used for lesser kjown teams than the biggest clubs in Europe.

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