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Bordeaux 17-18 Third Kit Released

The Girondins Bordeaux 17-18 Third kit introduces a unique design as part of Puma's 'Step Out' collection. The new Bordeaux 2017-2018 Third kit is also called 'Surf kit' by the club.

Bordeaux 17-18 Third Kit

This is the new Girondins Bordeaux 2017-2018 Third shirt.

Predominantly black, the Bordeaux 2017-18 Third jersey features an outstanding graphic print design on the sleeves and the sides. Utilizing Puma's flavor of the month halftone effect, it combines blue and pink in a gradient pattern.

The pink is mirrored by the Puma and club logos on the front of the Bordeaux 17-18 Third shirt. On the back of the new Bordeaux 17-18 third kit is a wave.

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