Color-Changing Nike Mercurial CR7 Chapter 3 Prototype Boots Revealed

Update: Boot specialist lovepowercat has posted several high-res pictures of the color-changing Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Chapter 3 prototype soccer cleats. The boots not only change their color when getting warm, but also when getting cold to a bright green.

It looks like Nike had something entirely different in mind with the Mercurial CR7 Chapter 3 boots 'Discovery'. Although they dropped last November, recently earlier prototypes surfaced showing a completely different, color-changing upper.

Color-Changing Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 Chapter 3

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Whereas the final boot was split between 'Seaweed' on the outside and 'Volt' on the instep, what Nike initially had in mind was actually more along the lines of the legendary Hypervenom Transform.

Featuring the same base color as the final model, the boots change their color when getting warm, to a bright green.

In the end Nike decided against this option, thus making the few prototypes that were produced some of the most sought-after collection items for cleat aficionados.

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