Fenerbahce 17-18 Kits Revealed

Confirming the previous Home and Away leaks as well as giving the public a first look at the new Third, Adidas and Fenerbahce today revealed the club's new kit set for the upcoming season.

Fenerbahce 17-18 Home Kit

This image shows the Adidas Fenerbahce 2017-2018 Home shirt.

Not unlike the current Milan Home, the Fenerbahce 2017-18 jersey has a clean design that is dominated by its stripes. Predominantly navy - the color is used for the collar and the sleeve cuffs, the Fenerbahce 17-18 Home kit shows the club's traditional look with yellow stripes.

The Adidas Performance logo, colored golden, is placed centrally, while the 3 Stripes sit on the shoulders and are barely noticeable.

Fenerbahce 17-18 Away Kit

This is the Fenerbahce 2017-2018 Away shirt.

The Fenerbahce 17-18 Away jersey is solid yellow with white accents, based on the same template as the Benfica Home shirt. Once again centered, the Adidas logo are navy, which we guess will also be the color of the stripes, which should appear laterally.

The collar and sleeve cuffs of the new Fenerbahce Away kit are white.

Fenerbahce 17-18 Third Kit

This is the Fenerbahce 2017-18 Third jersey.

The Fenerbahce Third kit is green and yellow, as anticipated. It has a tonal v-collar and a subtle chevron pattern on the front, whereas the Adidas stripes are once again placed along the sides, colored yellow.

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