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Levante 17-18 La Liga Kits Revealed

Promoted after one season in La Liga 123, Levante UD and Macron today presented the new Home, Away and Third kits for 2017-2018. The jerseys don't feature any main sponsor as of now.

Levante 17-18 Home Kit

This is the Levante 2017-2018 Home shirt.

The new Levante Home jersey features two red and one blue stripe on the front, while the sleeves are red with blue cuffs. In general, the shirt is kept simple and clean with a tonal overlap collar.

The logo of "Gimnastico FC", the old Valencia club, has been embroidered under the collar celebrating the 1939 merge with Levante FC that gave birth to the current club.

Levante 17-18 Away Kit

This is the Levante 2017-18 Away jersey.

The Away is also striped, with two white and one black stripe on the front, as well as stripes on the sleeves. Apart from that, the Levante 17-18 Away jersey has a traditional collar.

Levante 17-18 Third Kit

This is the Macron Levante 2017-18 Third shirt.

For the Levante 2017-2018 Third jersey a bold color choice was made. Completely pink with diagonal geometric tone on tone stripes, the Third shirt is aimed at raising awareness for the fight against cancer.

In fact, the logo of the Spanish Association Against Cancer appears on one of the sleeves of this kit and part of the proceeds from sales will go towards research for the fight against cancer.

Finally, the 'Senyera' jersey that was unveiled last October gets carried over as well.

What do you think of the new Levante Home, Away and Third kits? Drop us a line below, and check out the Kit Overview for all 2017-2018 La Liga jerseys.