Nike Changes Tiempo Silo Boot Tier Names - More to Follow Shortly

Update: Confirming our earlier leaks, Nike has started rolling out new names for the different tiers of its football boot models. So far, it only affects the (iD) Nike Tiempo Legend, but all other silos are set to follow with the release of the Swoosh's next collection, which is expected for the end of this month. Thanks to @samathe22 for the heads-up.

What was before known as Nike Tiempo Ligera IV iD is currently named Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy. Scroll down further for our origianl coverage on the matter and click here for a full overview of the new names for all of Nike's football boot silos.

Nike enthusiasts are in for a big surprise next year as the brand prepares to complete change the way its football boot lineup is built up.

Back in April, we ran a story about how Nike would release new generations for all boots next year, but it appears that's not really what's going to happen. Instead, while releasing new generations for Mercurial and Magista as one would expect after two years, Nike looks set to retain the current-gen Hypervenom and Tiempo going into the 2018 World Cup.

However, the brand will switch up the names of all takedown models starting with the first complete 2018 collection, which is slated for a release in late January.

Currently, Nike takedown cleats have their own names and generation numbers, which can sometimes be very confusing. This was not aided by the recent addition and removal of several takedown options, in part due to the emergence of the Dynamic Fit collar.

Starting next year, all Nike boots will carry the full name of the top model of the silo, followed by a suffix specifying the type of takedown. E.g. with the Tiempo, there will be three takedowns, namely 'Pro', 'Academy' and 'Club'. It's not entirely sure whether the top model will carry any sort of suffix, but for now we expect it to be just called the way it's now.

Current nameNew namePrice
Tiempo Legend VIITiempo Legend VII220 EUR
Tiempo Legacy IIITiempo Legend VII Pro130 EUR
Tiempo Ligera IVTiempo Legend VII Academy65 EUR
Tiempo Rio IVTiempo Legend VII Club50 EUR

Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.

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