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All-New Puma Future 2018 World Cup Boots Prototype Leaked

Update: Dutch football boot specialists Voetbalshirtjes have published several new pictures of Puma's all-new Netfit soccer cleats, revealing more details of the boot that replaces the evoPOWER.

Puma will release a brand-new football boot early next year. Called the Puma Future Netfit, this 2018 World Cup soccer cleat will make use of the German brand's all-new lacing system, Netfit.

Puma Future Netfit Prototype

This is the first image of the brand-new Puma Future Netfit football boot.

The new Puma Future Netfit boots have a knitted upper that is combined with the hexagonal grid of the Puma Netfit lacing system along the sides.

Puma Netfit was introduced earlier this year as the brand's latest innovation. Featuring a hexagonal grid instead of traditional lace holes, it allows for practically endless possibilities in lacing the shoe. This way, Puma aims to provide athletes with better way to adjust fit and prevent discomfort.

The one-piece upper construction of the Puma Future Netfit 2018 World Cup boots comes with a heightened collar that is shaped in a unique way with peaks at the front and back. The collar part is ribbed, especially at the front, in what we believe is an effort to reduce friction.

Finally, what we can see of the sole plate features a combination of bladed and conical studs, in order to supply balanced traction that suits more than one type of players.

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