Cheaper Than Expected - Nike Auctions & Awards Ultra-Limited Nike Mercurial Campeões CR7 Boots Exclusively In China

Update: Cristiano Ronaldo's China tour ended successfully today. 49 pairs from 75 total pairs of the Nike Mercurial Superfly Campeões CR7 boots were auctioned, while the rest of the boos was given away to players and fans.

Interestingly, it was possible to buy the boots for around 380 Euro, which is just a bit more than Nike's usual retail price and less than what is usually wanted for such limited-edition releases on eBay.

CR7 China Tour

Nike has produced 75 extra pairs of the special-edition Mercurial Superfly V Campeões boots beside the pairs just made for Cristiano Ronaldo, available to purchase in China from July 18 until July 24 via an auction. This comes totally surprisingly as Nike previously announced that the cleats would be not available to buy.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in China to promote Nike in the country. As part of the Cristiano Ronaldo China Tour, Nike also released a special video.Cristiano Ronaldo will be in Shanghai on July 22 and in Beijing on July 23.

85 Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Campeões Cleats Available Exclusively in China

When Nike revealed the Nike Mercurial Campeões boots, the brand announced that the boots 'are not available at retail, specifically created for the world's best player'.

However, to promote the launch of the brand's new online flagship store in China and to raise money for the development of China's youth football, the brand produced 75 pairs of the Nike Mercurial Campeões cleats - one pair for each of the 75 national team goals of CR.

The red and golden Nike Mercurial Superfly Campeões 2017 cleats celebrate Portugal and Ronaldo's recent success and were be worn by the Portuguese superstar at the 2017 Confed Cup in Russia.

49 pairs of the Nike Mercurial Campeões football boots are auctioned on Alibaba's Taobao website, while the remaining 26 pairs will be given away during the Cristiano Ronaldo China Tour. The first pair, numbered #01, reached a price of 88,000 Chinese Yuan (11000 Euro, 13000 USD).

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