10 Best Premier League Kits In History By Classic Football Shirts

To celebrate 25 years of the Premier League, Gary Burton from Classic Football Shirts has picked up his favorite Premier League kits. There have been a lot of beautiful and iconic jerseys in the Premier League in the last 25 years, so it is only logical that you might not agree with every jersey included / not included.

Top 10 Premier League Jerseys

10. Chelsea 2005-06 Home Shirt

9. Manchester United 1998-00 Home Shirt

8. Liverpool 2013-14 Home Shirt

7. Manchester City 2009-10 Third Shirt

6. Blackburn 1994-96 Home Shirt

5. West Ham 1999-01 Home Shirt

4. Newcastle 1995-97 Home shirt

3. Arsenal 2005-06 Home shirt

2. Wimbledon 1997-98 Home Shirt

1. Aston Villa 1992-94 Home Shirt

What do you think of the selection? What is your all-time favorite English Premier League football kit? Let us know in the comments below and find out more about each shirt and why he chose each kit on Classic Football Shirts' blog.
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